Smart Hiring on Gabazzo

Here at Gabazzo, we want to make sure you have important safety Tips before hiring. Take a moment to read our Tips below.

Review Contractor’s Company Profile

Gabazzo Company Profiles are specifically designed to give you the Important Information you need before hiring a Contractor. Take a moment and read the tips below:

  • Business Information: Gabazzo created a Company Profile consisting of a Home, About, Portfolio, Services, Reviews, and FAQs. You’ll have all the information you need before hiring a contractor. You can view their info such as their Service Expertise, Languages, Payments Accepted, Business Hours, Certificates, Service Areas, and etc.
  • Credentials: Some Companies are Startup companies and may not have Credentials yet, we will be partnering with different companies to make sure our Contractors have all the Credentials they need to run their business. Other than that you’ll be able to check their credentials on their “About” page.
  • Ports: The Services boxes allows for you view the Estimates ranging From to To, from lowest to highest pricing. Even viewing a description, estimated delivery time, Photos/Videos and other info.

Learn more about the Contractor

  • Research: It’s better to look over the Gabazzo “About” page to view their certificates or awards they may have received. Or you can always visit the Better Business Bureau to search for more information about the company. You can also check our Third party resources such as the Federal Trade Commission’s guide to hiring a contractor for more tips. We’ve made it easier for Companies to upload every detail of their services or company as possible but you may always want to ask for:
    • References from Past Customers.
    • Whether your project may require a City/County Permit.
    • If the Contractor plans to Subcontract any of the Work.
  • Messaging: With the Gabazzo messaging system you can always send pictures or other files of what you’re looking for to a Contractor. Make sure to schedule a phone call or have an in-person meeting.

Planning Ahead

  • Service Agreement: For your safety we strongly recommend having the contractor provide or you provide a Service Agreement which is the best way to make sure everyone is on the same task. This must include details such as Who, What, Where, When, and cost of your service project.
  • Payment Milestone: We recommend this especially for when it is a high-value project, don’t pay with cash (Or via wire transfer or even a cashiers check), and limit your down payment. Consider making milestone payments during the project that will define the amounts of work and time being put in. Here at Gabazzo it’s all a fixed price with no hourly payments.

Insurance, Permitting, and Licensing

  • Obtain Permits and Check Other Licensing: A contractor's license requirements (Or permits that may be required for your project needs) depends on the laws of your county, city or state. Make sure to contact your state or local government for specific questions you may have. Here are some tips and resources below that can help you partially:
    • Some contractors may be licensed for your job under the license of an authorized business associate with whom they work with. If a contractor already has provided correct documentation to verify that they are operating under a license, we may add to their profile “License Verified” on the contractors profile.
    • BRB Publications, Inc. Is an online resource that will help you verify the contractors occupational license. The third party maintains a database of some state occupational licensing board websites.
    • In some cases Contractors may also need a federal licensing requirement. For example, Movers need to be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
    • Business License and Occupational license are two different licenses. A Business license means the contractor is registered to do business within a city or state. An occupational license is what authorizes contractors to do certain kinds of work. For example, such as a Plumbing contractor or Electrician.
  • Insurance: In case something unexpected happens during the procedures of your project, make sure you’re covered. Your own insurance provider is the best resoruce to learn if your policy covers any risks associated with your project. Also, within the home page of the contractor they should be able to display their insurance license but we strongly recommend to ask twice for their insurance before hiring.


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