Smart Planning on Gabazzo

Here at Gabazzo, we want to make sure you have important safety Tips before accepting a job. Take a moment to read our Tips below.


Always ask questions and set your expectations with the customer before getting a job with them. We prefer to have a Service Agreement between both parties making sure everyone is on the same task. This must include details such as Who, What, Where, When, and cost of your service project.

In case a Service Agreement is not compromised, here’s something to go over with the customer before landing a job:

  • Work Environment: Ask questions such as who’ll be in the house while working on the Project and where you’ll be working.
  • Expectations: Before accepting a job make sure you understand completely what the customer is asking for their project needs. Review your skill sets.
  • Payment: Make sure to discuss the payment details with the Customer, on your profile you should be able to list what types of payments you may accept before working. How payment will come.


You can always view the Customer profile before landing a job with them, you can view if their Facebook or Google account have been authenticated to their Gabazzo account. Please avoid any of the following if you feel insecure:

  • Suspicious or Spam Requests: As an example, the customer profile looks fake or the customer asks for your bank account details. We strongly recommend not responding to their request. Report them to [email protected] we will look over their profile and suspend their account as they’ll have to re verify their account and explain why they did such actions.
  • Discrimination: Gabazzo Terms of Use does not allow any type of Discrimination or any type of negative behavior on the platform because we value our community we’re building together. Please contact us if you encounter any problems at [email protected].
  • Leaving no info to anyone you know: Before starting a job we strongly encourage contractors to advise people they know about where you’ll be working and give them an exact location.
  • Dead Battery Phone: We strongly encourage contractors to fully charge their phone in case of an emergency.
  • Dangerous Situation: If there is something suspicious and your conscious feels something is not right, please leave the work area immediately for your safety. If you left a job because you felt unsafe please contact us at [email protected].com.
  • Emergency Situation: Please call 911 in case of an emergency. If there’s a rising threat to someone’s health or safety, call 911 right away. Whenever you are safe, please make sure to contact us for details at [email protected].

Contact Us if there’s been an issue

If there are any questions, comments or concerns please contact our Support team to help you resolve any big concerns you may have at [email protected].


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